Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Have Any Prior Martial Arts Experience?

Not at all! At AGKK Self Defence is well-known for its ability to coach absolute beginners to an elite level. Our program is structured so that beginners can start at any time, and you’ll receive positive help during each session

Do I Need to Be Fit?

You don’t need to be fit to train with us – getting you fit is our job. Our trainers are highly supportive and understand that everyone’s fitness level is different. You will be encouraged to perform, but always given the option to go at your own pace.

When and where are the Self Defence classes?

We have a diverse range of Self Defence classes available 7 days a week throughout Brisbane.

What Are the Prices?

Affordable prices are discussed over the phone.

How Do I Start?

Simply phone or click the Book Now button to instantly book your First Lesson with us.

Women fighting of attacker