Occupational Violence Prevention Training


  • Business risk management procedures improvement
  • Workplace safety processes improvement

Proactive, preventative strategies and practical training for passive management of the aggressive client.

Founder/Chief Instructor: Bernie Haughey
ABN: 86 859 941 070

The training we provide will help protect your organisation, its assets, and your employees under serious circumstances which can be present in their day to day working activities.

AGKK Self Defence takes the safety of your staff and the preservation of your business extremely seriously. We understand that your organisational reputation can be destroyed by one employee’s inappropriate actions. This is why AGKK will not compromise on the training for the protection of your staff, their wellbeing and your organisation or business.

We will deliver customised Occupational Violence Prevention, and conflict and aggressive behaviour management training, specific to your business and your employees.

Skills, Talent, & Expertise


  • Occupational Violence Prevention Training
  • Confidence enhancement skills of staff, identifying risks, de-escalating threats
  • Business and corporate emergency response planning
  • Passive Management of the Aggressive Client
  • Aggressive behaviour management training
  • Conflict reduction training
  • Security development and workplace safety processes improvement
  • Conflict resolution and conversation management,
  • Violence management training and personal safety strategies
  • Workplace safety training
  • Personal space and spatial proximity training
  • Preventative Bullying training and empowerment skills
  • Defensive tactics instruction and training
  • Operations improvement management
  • Business risk management procedures improvement.


AGKK was formed in 1995 with the main objective of providing specialist conflict management and Self Defence management services to a range of industry sectors. Our focus centres on prevention and management of work-related violence and aggression towards employees to a range of industry sectors.
Our instructors are highly experienced and competent in providing comprehensive business and corporate emergency response planning, focusing on Violence Management Prevention training for groups or individuals.

Delivering Occupational Violence Prevention training and Aggressive Behaviour Management training, specific to your business and employees is our major focus. Working together, we can maintain a positive, peaceful and successful future.

We provide ways for employers to minimize the risk of violence and client aggression towards their staff. There is a clear correlation between the risks, the proposed control measures and the occupational prevention training.
Bernie Haughey

Our aim is to prevent an incident before it happens. We do this through education, training, increasing awareness and developing proactive preventative routines for staff.

AGKK specialises in control measures for Occupational Violence Prevention and Aggressive Behaviour Management techniques.
By working together and addressing your concerns, we can create a safe, sustainable environment where your staff can maintain professional composure under sometimes extremely difficult circumstances.

AGKK has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to develop and implement workplace procedures to inform workers of how to respond to threats from clients including violence and aggression. We train to safeguard workers by having access to procedures dealing with violence and client aggression.

The business has operated successfully over this time, conducting multiple assignments and courses in the health, education, tertiary and service industries. Founder and specialist in Self Defence, Bernie Haughey, provides proactive, practical Occupational Violence Prevention training and valuable responses for staff as a whole and strategies for the individual.

Violence Prevention Training


Occupational Violence Prevention and Strategic Proactive Self Defence Management Training

  • Prevention and management of work-related violence and aggression
  • Development and implementation of control strategies for staff
  • Facilitation of Aggressive Behaviour Management workshops
  • Ongoing violence and Aggressive Management Prevention methods
  • Risk management training and Self Defence training, reinforcing absolute duty of care
  • Development of procedural avoidance of violent behaviour strategies
  • Workplace Self Defence training
  • Advising proactive Occupational Violence Prevention Management methodology.
Courses and training are tailored to your organisation’s circumstances, to a range of incident scenarios, and site-specific examples are used.


Development & Implementation of Aggressive Behaviour Management

AGKK assists businesses and organisations to develop and implement effective and considered averting of violent behaviour responses towards staff. We improve the effective management of potentially dangerous situations and advance duty of care for employees and clients. The violence prevention management training and workshops will meet the specific needs of the employees and address many essential work health and safety requirements. Self Defence training will help manage the risks to your staff and business effectively.

We first listen to management and staff with first-hand communication to assess the risks to your business and propose effective strategies and Self Defence techniques for eliminating or controlling the risks.

Implementation is undertaken at strategic and operational levels and may involve a combination of “top down” and “bottom up” approaches depending on the structure of your business and what you would like to achieve. We will evaluate your current prevention and management strategies and establish “in house” evaluation systems and Occupational Violence Prevention risk priorities.


Integration of Risk Management Strategies | Prevention and Management of Work-Related Violence and Aggression

AGKK can assist organisations to integrate risk management and violence prevention strategies into the strategic and corporate planning processes. Effective integration ensures consistency between longer-term strategic objectives, and shorter-term goals and the effective management of risk for staff regarding prevention and management of work-related violence and aggression.


Risk Management and Occupational Violence Prevention Workshops

AGKK can facilitate risk management and Occupational Violence Prevention workshops in which an experienced specialist undertakes risk identification by analysing and developing risk treatment measures in the area of Occupational Violence Prevention training. The output is violence de-escalation strategies and recommendations for the project, activity and/or organisation. Risk management and Occupational Violence Prevention workshops are often used as part of the strategy for implementing risk management and proactive avoidance of violent behaviours for staff and clients.


Business Continuity, Control Measures & Emergency Self Defence Strategies

AGKK is able to develop and implement emergency and contingency strategies for employee and client safety for organisations in the public and private sectors. Such control measures and Self Defence training are closely tailor-made to business activities to maximise effectiveness.



AGKK is able to provide conflict management and training in the following areas:

  • Control measures for Occupational Violence Prevention
  • Confidence improvement skills, identifying dangers and de–escalating threats for staff
  • Management techniques for aggressive behaviour
  • Techniques of Passive Management of Aggressive Clients
  • Strategies for staff to plan, prepare and perform in emergency situations; for example strategic responses when dealing with aggressive or violent clients
  • Self Defence strategies to increase the duty of care by managing risks and implementing control measures through Self Defence training
  • Advancing personal safety procedures
  • Self Defence strategies for attack prevention
  • Empowering staff in confrontation deflection strategies
  • Cultivation of a risk-conscious, preventative approach for staff
  • Risk identification and analysis techniques
  • Integration of risk treatment and Self Defence strategies
  • Techniques for passive conflict resolution
  • Development and implementation of safety conscious attitudes for staff
  • Assertive and effective communication strategies to deter an attacker
  • Team building, improving self-esteem, cultivating positive interaction and effectiveness of staff, thus increasing safety and productivity.

Training involves a considerable practical component designed to help attendees in realistic situations that they have possibly already experienced in the workplace. Prevention, sound strategies and proactive solutions are essential components in the training. The techniques, management strategies for violent/aggressive offenders, are analysed and practiced so they are effective. This will help to reinforce and maintain duty of care for staff and clients.



Bernie Haughey, Founder & Chief Instructor

Bernie has more than 25 years’ experience in violence prevention and Self Defence training for organisations, workplaces and individuals. His wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience has seen Bernie provide Comprehensive Emergency Response planning and training to a range of industry sectors, focusing on Violence Management Prevention training. His corporate training for nurses, doctors, state and federal police, schools, local government and an array of organisations has made Bernie the go-to trainer for conflict resolution and behaviour management in South East Queensland.

Whilst working as a Duty Manager at a Campbelltown Hotel, Bernie recognised a gap in occupational Violence Prevention Training. At the time, the staff lacked the skills to de-escalate aggressive clients, leading to negative outcomes for workers and the business. These problems included time-consuming interruptions, negative business reputation, increased staff absences, reduced productivity and impacted profitability.

Since 1995, Bernie’s goal has been to provide and deliver proactive Violence Prevention Training and consistent routine training for staff in organisations to help control and de-escalate potential violent situations, mitigating problems for staff, organisations and clients.

BRisbane City Council - Self Defence Training

Having completed a Diploma of Teaching in Sydney, NSW, Bernie undertook further studies and completed his Bachelor of Education. Since 1983, he has been undertaking research and studies in traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate, which not only specialises in Self Defence but also a variety of risk management situations with proven control measures for disengaging from violent behaviour. He has studied this not only all over Australia but also regularly overseas in Japan.

Bernie has gained invaluable experience working firsthand in the hospitality and service industries, where he was responsible for implementing strategies and preventative methods to manage and control aggressive clients throughout the metropolitan growth centres of Sydney.

In 1993, Bernie moved from Sydney to Brisbane and began to specialise in business, corporate and Occupational Violence Prevention Management and Self Defence training.

Through his consultancy, Bernie provides proactive and practical conflict management training and delivers specialist Aggressive Behaviour Management services to a range of industry sectors. He has successfully conducted a number of violence management assignments and courses in the health, education, tertiary and service industries.
Bernie has conducted Occupational Violence Prevention training for a vast array of businesses and organisations including hospitals and health services, state and federal police services, schools, and local governments.

His delivery is professional, confidential and friendly. His ongoing methodical Self Defence training of staff enhances the duty of care requirements by providing them with adequate and ongoing training to manage the many of risks they might be exposed to in their daily working duties.

The training we provide will help protect your organisation, its assets and your employees under serious circumstances which can be found in their day to day working activities.

With over 40 years’ experience, Bernie Haughey has attained a senior black belt Renshi master rank in Goju Ryu Karate and Self Defence. He has training in Kobudo (Japanese weapons) and has represented Queensland and Australia, nationally and internationally.

In 1995, Bernie formed his own consultancy and developed corporate Aggressive Behaviour Management training for business. The business provides practical and broad-based risk management and Self Defence training services to a range of organisations.

Sessions are designed to be enjoyable, educational and are scaffolded to help staff deal with realistic situations they may have already encountered in the workplace, and expertly answer questions on how to handle specific problems with aggression, violent behaviour and risk management.

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Thank you for your consideration of AGKK Self Defence and our services.

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