School Student Self Defence and Anti-bullying workshops

AGKK Self Defence specialises in anti-bullying, saying “No” to violence, stranger awareness, all-inclusive safety and personal security programs for students and children.

Short simple workshops suitable for Primary and Secondary School aged children delivered by specialist instructors at your school. Classes are energetic, positive, fun and versatile.

Our teaching techniques introduce children to the insights of Japanese language, culture, and tradition. This expands their personal skills in many ways, and opens their eyes to learning about interesting people & places in other parts of the world.

Students also develop important life & social skills, such as etiquette & manners. AGKK Self Defence educates the importance of team cooperation and showing respect not only to teaches, but to peers, elders, family and friends.

School Student Self Defence and Anti-bullying workshop


These traits, as we teach them at AGKK Self Defence, become an educational and fun part of the class that students look forward to and often pick up surprisingly quickly. This, in turn, changes their attitude towards schooling and home studies which is why we and parents believe are the corner stone of what we teach.


We reward students as individuals and reach them to develop resilience and active life skills. With childhood obesity and similar health concerns for children becoming more common it can be life changing for some families to find something physical their child likes doing.


We help create leaders not followers.

Our activities encourage active positive participation in everything that they do, not only at training but also in all aspects of their lives.


Whether it’s for self-esteem, depression, anxiety or frustration students of all walks of life benefit from the physical exercise, the structured martial art classes are uplifting, with clear goals and objectives. In a society where people doubt their self and their abilities, or are frustrated from lack of recognition, it can be a significant turning point in their life when they get that first technique correct.


Students are encouraged to make better choices, to think for themselves and not get lured by fake friends. To not “pay” the bully by giving the bully the reaction they want. To make friends through talking/playing/similarities so they don’t have anyone to bully them. To communicate clearly to antagonists to stop what they are doing and to tell teachers/parents what problems are occurring so they can be dealt with in the appropriate manner. Above all: to only use their techniques when it’s a last resort.

School student Self Defence

AGKK Self Defence Martial Arts is dedicated to helping our students to build skills for life. We do this by practicing martial arts for self defence, fitness and personal growth activities.

  • We lead our students through excellent workouts that improve physical conditioning and mental attitude.
  • We build confidence in our students so they can stand up and say no to negative peer pressure. We empower and educate kids not to be victims. We teach Self Defence so our students don’t have to be afraid of bullies. Our students become leaders not followers.
  • We inspire our students to become enthusiastic and motivated in school.

Our Self Defence program is skill based developing motor skills and laying the foundations of self-discipline and a positive outlook at home and school. Our programs create a very positive association between learning having fun and self-discipline. We structure programs at a level specifically for your child’s age and experience. Teenagers tend to take more risks than adults and keeping their focus on these Self Defence skills for life can be a real guiding path in making good choices and living positive lives.

Self Defence Class