Self Defence Lessons for Individuals, Businesses and Organisations

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane provides Martial Arts training, classes, lessons, and skills for individuals, women, men, children, families and employees to be able to prevent and protect themselves from an attack, violent or aggressive behaviour. We teach and provide Self Defence training, programs, classes and lessons for individuals, businesses, and organisations.

In our Self Defence training, programs classes, and lessons we increase the Personal Protection capabilities of participants with proven proactive preventative Defence strategies and skills such as understanding and applying key Self Defence techniques such as danger detection, deterring an attack, use of effective body biomechanics, vocalisation tools etc that can be used in violence prevention for individuals, staff and employees.

You are welcome to inquire about Self Defence classes, lessons, or further information By contacting Bernie Haughey Shihan on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry online booking form

Brisbane City Council - Employee Self Defence Training

The Violence Prevention training is designed for all fitness levels, ages, and levels of mobility. We very experienced in Self Defence training for women, men, and staff. We train intelligently providing a very safe training skills environment for participants.

Self Defence Training for Individuals

We provide Violence Prevention training and classes for all ages.
Self Defence strategies and training for individuals and employees.

  • Do you want to learn and be taught personal protection, violence prevention and rape prevention strategies, no matter your experience or manoeuvrability in the classes?
  • How prevent or rescue a child bring taken from your arms?
  • Learn Self Defence against being punched, strangulation, front attacks, rear attack, thrown to the ground (sexual assault), weapon assaults and kidnapping.
  • Learn techniques in classes from an expert Self Defence instructor on how to use simple measures to keep yourself, your family safe.
  • Self Defence training classes keep staff in your business safe
  • AGKK Self Defence training and classes Brisbane is the perfect Violence Prevention solution, lessons and classes for women, men, children and staff.
  • AGKK Defence training Brisbane also provides domestic violence Self Defence prevention classes.

Self Defence Brisbane

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane teaches practical Self Defence courses, programs, classes and lessons that will teach you the essential elements of personal protection and self-awareness in crisis situations. Bernie Haughey will teach you verbal boundaries and easy to remember skills that all ages and all levels of ability can use safely and effectively. There is no martial arts experience needed.

We teach Self Defence in an easily understood, non-complicated fashion. You will learn very effective protection concepts and methodologies that have been developed by an expert Self Defence instructor with decades of proven performance working with corporate businesses organisations and individuals. The Self Defence training, classes and lessons are suitable for all levels of fitness and body types.

We use the proven bio-mechanical geometry of the body strategies to target weaknesses and harness your physical and mental strength straight away.

By attending the courses and classes you will develop the skills needed to be safe and harness your inner strength. Our expert instructors who take the Self Defence classes will help you develop those essential life skills to reach your full potential.

Outsource Institute- Self Defence Training

One class or session is all it takes to start to empower yourself and bring peace of mind using the proven, experienced system of Self Defence training.

My name is Bernie Haughey: I have decades of experience in crowd control, adult, family, school student and business and Self Defence training; have competitive full martial arts experience in Australia and overseas and hold numerous advanced level qualifications in teaching and coaching. I offer specialised training in Self Defence and Violence Prevention Management. I don’t use difficult to apply Self Defence methods, I use up-to-date neurological and bio-mechanical lifesaving techniques and training practices. Most importantly, I tailor the training specific to the individual or business objectives and goals. I am approachable, friendly and very experienced and very willing to help you, your family and your business workplace with your safety and optimal Self Defence and Violence Management services.

Your personal safety is paramount to the personal protection training that I offer to living healthy and productive lives with more confidence and less anxiety.
I teach Self Defence classes to many families, women, men, children, businesses and workplaces with the highest quality training services and programs that teach and empower women, the elderly, people with disabilities, teens and children in the Self Defence classes.

You are welcome to inquire about Self Defence classes, lessons, or further information By contacting Bernie Haughey Shihan on 0409 474 494 or using the inquiry online booking form

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane - Empowerment