Women’s, Ladies and Female Self Defence Training

We have decades of experience in teaching women’s self defence and helping you learn effective and practical Self Defence techniques to help prepare you with Self Defence skills for the most common Self Defence situations.

We have Self Defence classes and lessons for everyone –
From the beginner student through to the advanced student.

Bernie Haughey the founder and chief instructor is highly qualified and has decades of experience in teaching Self Defence. He is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful in helping you achieve your goals in being able to effectively protect yourself and those around you. He provides a fun and enjoyable social group training environment.

With his experience, he will tailor a program to suit you. Your Self Defence training program will be tailored to your specific needs. Your individualised Self Defence training is progressive, with positive milestones which will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

The Self Defence training will be specific to your particular needs which will be planned, structured and will have a calculated positive end result in improving your safety and those around you.

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane - Strength-Everyday

This expert Self Defence training will help you recognise threats early, de-escalate potential Self Defence situations and if the situation was to occur, to effectively physically defend yourself against one or more attackers.

We offer Self Defence training in and around Brisbane throughout the week and weekends. Including early morning, daytime, afternoon or evening. Training is available in our fully equipped air-conditioned studio.

AGKK Self-Defence - Strength

Starting or maintaining Self Defence training can make you stronger both mentally and physically. It will give you confidence in everything that you do. It helps improve the quality of your life as it gives you the confidence to do what you want to do.

I want to support you on your Self Defence journey by offering individualised Self Defence programming, education, training and guidance.
I have many years of experience in helping people to stay active and strong throughout their lives no matter their age.
My role as a Self Defence specialist is to support and help you we prevent identify and manage violent or Self Defence situations.

Confidence Everyday

Private Self Defence tuition is available.
These personal Self Defence classes are available (one on one)
Small group Self Defence training with friends or private family sessions are also available.

At AGKK Self Defence Brisbane you will learn how to:

  • Use your body effectively. We educate you in a very practical way about the geometry of the body and how it works so that you can defend yourself from a much bigger and possibly stronger attacker.
  • You will increase your awareness and fine-tune your natural instincts.
  • Your increased Self Defence skills will prevent an attack with proven Self Defence strategies and techniques.
  • We empower you with more self-confidence, focus and situational awareness. By doing this you will be able to avoid a problem or dangerous situation before it happens.
  • Training in Self Defence will increase your fitness and health of mind and body.
  • You will learn how to affectively control stressful situations.
  • Your confidence power and strength will improve with the Self Defence lessons because you are learning how to effectively use your body enabling effective biomechanics including improved timing, speed control and power.

Violence affects so many of us and we are all touched by someone who has been attacked.
There are many factors that are important in surviving an attack.
They include attending Self Defence training this will improve your confidence increase awareness and enable you to deter or defend yourself from an attacker.

SELF DEFENCE lessons and training has an important part of dealing with violence and attack prevention.

All are welcome. Advanced bookings recommended
To find out more about private or small group Self Defence training or to organise your first session Phone 0409 474 494 or complete the online booking form.