Which is the Best Martial Art in Brisbane for Self Defence?

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Looking for the best martial art in Brisbane for self defence? You will reach your full potential with experienced instructors at AGKK Self Defence Brisbane teaching effective, practical and easy to learn Self Defence techniques for women, men, children, teenagers and families in our program and lessons. Your age and physical limitations do not have … Read more

Private Self Defence Classes in Brisbane – Be able to Protect Yourself

Private Self Defence Classes

Private Self Defence classes near me. Great for women, men and children. Women’s Self Defence Course and lessons available At AGKK Self Defence Bernie’s methods of teaching Self Defence is practical and engaging, the techniques taught are not complicated and easy to remember. Why Learn Self Defence? To gain some practical skills in a supportive environment. … Read more

Self Defence Lessons for Individuals, Businesses and Organisations

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AGKK Self Defence Brisbane provides Martial Arts training, classes, lessons, and skills for individuals, women, men, children, families and employees to be able to prevent and protect themselves from an attack, violent or aggressive behaviour. We teach and provide Self Defence training, programs, classes and lessons for individuals, businesses, and organisations. In our Self Defence … Read more

Self Defence lessons, Martial Arts Classes are Vital for your Self-Protection

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At AGKK Self Defence Brisbane we offer Self Defence, Martial Arts lessons, classes, techniques, courses and programs for women, girls, teenagers, men, boys and families. I congratulate you on your decision to learn how to better protect yourself through Self Defence training and Martial Arts lessons and encourage more people to do so. Our life … Read more

Self Defence Classes Throughout Brisbane with Expert Self Defence Instructors

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At AGKK Self Defence Brisbane we have over 30 years experience in teaching Self Defence and improving confidence and allowing people of all ages and abilities to defend and protect themselves effectively. We have Self Defence classes throughout Brisbane where we teach school groups, individuals, businesses and corporate groups and private Self Defence lessons. Self … Read more

Women’s, Ladies and Female Self Defence Training

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We have decades of experience in teaching women’s self defence and helping you learn effective and practical Self Defence techniques to help prepare you with Self Defence skills for the most common Self Defence situations. We have Self Defence classes and lessons for everyone – From the beginner student through to the advanced student. Bernie … Read more

Self Defence Training and Programs Available

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Practical AGKK Self Defence that is available to all. No previous experience needed. All are welcome. Train in a safe and friendly environment with decades of experience. Every adult – Every child. This proven Self Defence Training has been taught to the police, nurses, paramedics, security personal, Mums, Dads, and school children. It is an … Read more


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Every day, people live with the risk of being physically attacked. Attacks on women are quite common. The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights surveyed 42,000 women and concluded that 31% of women have experienced one or more acts of physical violence since the age of 15. In an attack emergency Self Defence techniques if correctly … Read more