Self Defence for Women

Women’s Self Defence classes focus on scenarios and techniques which are more relevant to women, such as rape prevention, defending on the ground, how to effectively fight against a bigger attacker, situational awareness, and conflict prevention methods.

Women’s Self Defence classes in AGKK Self Defence are a great way to improve your confidence and awareness. AGKK martial arts is much more than just a Self Defence system.

Through our women’s Self Defence classes you will get fit, flexible, and feel fantastic. You will also learn a mind body awareness not found in most other martial art systems. This awareness can help in not only strengthening your body, but also your mind, which will help build self-confidence, reduce stress, better understand your physical self, promote mindfulness, and improve well-being. The mind is as important as the body when it comes to being confident and able to use what you have learnt effectively.

Self defence for women

By training AGKK Self Defence you will also drastically improve your fitness which also serves to raise your day to day confidence and general wellbeing

AGKK Self Defence tends to be highly appealing to women because it is a unique fitness activity that is simple to practise, useful, highly effective, and that provides you with a comprehensive fitness training program.

It is also a perfect fitness and social activity to practise with a girlfriend as most of the practice is done in pairs and small groups.

Train with Professional, Friendly and Experienced Facilitators

All of our classes are professionally run by highly experienced trainers in safe, clean and friendly environment. We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive community of students of all backgrounds and one of the highest numbers of women of any martial arts school.

By training with us, you’re bound to learn some great Self Defence skills, improve your fitness and meet positive people. The content of these classes is focused on the specific types of danger that women may face in their everyday lives. These classes not only teach effective practical skills, but deterrence and de-escalation strategies as well.

Learning a few basic skills can go a long way in preventing the escalation of violence. At AGKK Self Defence we promote good posture and teach you how to hold yourself, which communicates strong, confident body language.

Get Fit, Tone Up and Feel Great

Our philosophy is that a healthy body and mind are more receptive to Self Defence and the martial arts training.  We’ve designed all of our classes to be practical, improve fitness and be enjoyable.