Bernie delivered a 2 hour intensive practical de-escalation workshop to our Frontline Gas Workers (200 staff in total), covering topics such as body language, how to safely extract yourself from conflict, key phrases to use (and not use), emphasising the importance of keeping yourself safe and much more.

Bernie demonstrated a genuine passion for helping people and this is very evident when speaking to him over the weeks leading up to, and during the delivery of his workshop. He asked lots of questions about our workforce and the issues that we are currently experiencing so that he could design and customise the training to suit our needs.

The workshop was very interactive and he kept us engaged with lots of audience participation, as well as getting us moving and not sitting still for the whole 2 hours. The role plays were the highlight of the workshop as they clearly demonstrated the benefits of de-escalating when dealing with conflict. They were also very entertaining!

 The feedback received from our employees has been positive and many have said that the techniques Bernie provided were easy to remember and the training has helped build their confidence to prevent situations from escalating unnecessarily in the future.

 In summary, the de-escalation workshop was of great value to our organisation, and we thank Bernie for coming to Adelaide to deliver this important training and helping making our Safety in Action forum a very big success.”

This is a combined testimonial from 

Cassie Allen Contracts Administrator Capital Delivery

APA – Australian Gas Networks D +61 08 8115 4558cassie.allen@apa.com.au

Darren Schleyer H&S Advisor, SA Networks

First Aid / Mental Health First Aid Officer / RTW Coordinator (SA)

APA – Australian Gas Networks D +61 4 1745 7469 darren.schleyer@apa.com.au


"When I completed the online enquiry form I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal phone call rather than an email quote.

Bernie asked questions about our company’s needs and desired outcomes, and explained that his training was not just about sitting in a classroom and reading a manual- it was hands on! This was the selling point for us.

As a live entertainment and hospitality venue, our needs were not met by other corporate trainers.

We maintained regular phone and email contact, and using the information I provided, Bernie created a customised lesson plan and specific training tailored to our team.

The training and management techniques was specific to our staff being able to implement effective de-escalation responses in a safe manner in response to what they have previously experienced and what they could experience in the future, when they are faced with aggression or possible violent behaviour from others.

On the day of the training Bernie flew down from Brisbane, arrived early to do a site inspection, learning about our building and emergency procedures, as well as interviewing staff about any dangers that might be present when leaving work in the late evening. He took detailed notes to create a reference file for any future training with our company.

The training itself was split into two parts: verbal de-escalation, and basic Self Defence management techniques.

The training was engaging, hands on, and our team were able to ask for advice on how to deal with real-life instances of aggression.

Bernie taught us physical and verbal techniques for de-escalation, allowed us to practice them in a safe environment, and gave us constructive feedback.

Our two-hour training was engaging and useful for all attendees; thank you, Bernie, for a wonderful session!"

Catherine de la Rocha Espinoza Customer Service Coordinator

Belvoir St Theatre, Surry Hills, N.S.W


Bernie from AGKK De-escalation training delivered very prompt, proactive, preventative de-escalation training for our staff at Brightside Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Bernie was great to deal with, quickly to respond, tailored the practical training to suit our needs and delivered real solutions that our staff can use when dealing with aggression and violence in the entertainment industry.

The enjoyable nature of the training delivered by Bernie really suited our staff members and has provided our team with some essential de-escalation skills. The de-escalation techniques and solutions when dealing with very aggressive people shown were preventative and effective. 

The practical de-escalation two hour workshop helped all staff enormously in improving their communication skills, their self-esteem and helping them to feel more confident and safe in everyday work. 

We appreciate you creating a safe, respectful, relaxed and interactive training environment for our staff, who enjoyed this de-escalation training session enormously. I have received consistent positive feedback from our staff that the practical strategies provided during this session was useful and very practical to enhance a safe workplace environment. We deeply appreciate Bernie’s professionalism, awareness and experience in building a safe and preventative skill base in reducing violence and aggression towards our staff.

Bernie from AGKK de-escalation training has our highest recommendation.”

Aurora Manager from Brightside Fortitude Valley Brisbane


Unlike other providers Bernie impressed me as he made first contact via phone soon after I made an online inquiry.  He asked questions about our business and staff needs and desired outcomes in relation to de-escalation and aggressive management incidents and explained that his training was interactive and strategy-rich based which would be very engaging, educational and practical for our staff. This was very appealing for our business as this type of customised de-escalation training would be specific in developing those functional skills our staff needed now for their ongoing safety and wellbeing. 

We engaged Bernie with expertise in De-escalation and Occupational Violence Prevention and Passive Defensive Management Techniques to train our field crews (civil works) around how to deal with abusive and threating behaviours. This came about because our staff had encountered this on a number of work sites from the public and sometimes residence on streets in which they are working. Our company Diona is widespread with staff throughout Australia and encompass every aspect of utility infrastructure design and construction.

Due to Covid and bad weather conditions etc. we had to reschedule on several occasions, but Bernie was always flexible and worked with us to find a common solution.

We advised Bernie what we wanted with the outcomes of the training to be, he tailored the training package to suit our goals and Bernie made the training specific to our staff and the real situations they have and can encounter weekly.

Bernie was very professional and was very passionate in providing the best service with interactive training. Beforehand we had purposeful conversations over the phone and Bernie created a custom-made workshop in de-escalating aggressive behaviour skills including (signs of behaviour aggression, identification of cues, verbal and non-verbal communication strategies) etc for our staff specific to their needs.

He arrived super early before the two hour intensive training workshop and engaged with the crews over coffee. Bernie took time to engage with all staff even before the workshop started, so he could talk and make a positive connection with everyone in person, so he could also identify their specific de-escalation skills needed in the training, so it was specific to them.

Staff were actively participating in the training, as Bernie also lined up some staff participants for the practical side of the training. Which included role plays of specific incidents of aggressive behaviour that had occurred to our staff creating ownership and energetic participation of staff with proactive solutions to incidents they have encountered. Only 20% of the training was run in a sit-down presentation scenario, the rest was conducted in our warehouse interactively which got the crews full attention.

While Bernie was substantial with the training hitting all the goals we set, he also introduced an element of fun which many staff commented from the positive feedback evaluation forms.

Here are just some of our internal feedback on the evaluation forms after the training:

“He was very positive, interactive and encouraging trainer, Good practical training that makes me feel more at ease with how to recognise, handle an aggressive situation with my body language, proximity and communication skills, Excellent interaction with explanations in the demonstrations so we can remember and practice the key points, Very effective trainer and made time to get all of us involved, Training was orientated to real job situations and it increased strategies for my safety conscious mindset”

The training and management techniques were precise and custom built for our staff being able to implement effective de-escalation responses towards aggression or violence in a safe manner. The training was captivating, hands on, and our team were able to ask for advice on how to deal with real-life instances of aggression or possible violence. 

Bernie taught us physical and verbal techniques for de-escalation, allowed staff to practice them in a safe environment, and gave us constructive feedback on more effective strategies.

The Occupational Violence Prevention and Passive Defensive Management training was purposeful, practical, educational and useful for all staff. All staff are looking forward to the next refresher workshop.

I have already recommended Bernie to fellow contractors.”

Tracey McEvoy | HSEQ Advisor DIONA 

Queensland Office Unit 1, 49 Borthwick Ave Murarrie QLD 4172


“Bernie was approachable and personable. He shared effective real experiences and made an effort to engage with each of my fellow workers. He is an impressive facilitator and the phone communication strategies he presented has made me rethink how to obtain better outcome with an angry customer.

It was an exceptional two hour workshop with great practical examples and team learning.

I feel much more confident as I have learned some new techniques for managing complaints and dealing with the next angry customer over the phone. The workshop also highlighted a number of communication styles and the do’s and don’ts of dealing with each behaviour of a customer over the phone.

Bernie is down to earth – easy going and very knowledgeable. This was a great workshop. It was inspiring, energetic and he bought lots of ideas with both extensive and in depth knowledge together with specific examples. He got everyone in our group involved which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and practical solutions.

Bernie was very professional. I liked how he commented/recognised the experience in the room, he did not belittle anyone’s skills or lack of skills with customer service. It certainly helped to re-position my views and reignite my passion for assisting my customers.

The workshop was great on all levels and I was very impressed at how content was geared to our industry. Retained a great amount of info. Bernie one of the best trainers I have encountered. I have had many courses over the years and I will say that Bernie has been the most experienced and best trainer I have seen and been involved with.”

Susan Baker Queensland Titles Registry


AGKK De-escalation training meet all of our expectations for delivering high quality practical workshops with exceptional outcomes. Their de-escalation training was detailed to our occupational objectives and progressive outcomes for our staff. Before the training Bernie researched and asked questions on what our explicit targeted needs were. This allowed the de-escalation staff training to be focused on the real needs of our staff and what they can and have experienced with aggressive or violent behaviour from people they come into contact with. The workshop was results-oriented with many practical role playing training activities, and Bernie an experienced educator backed these up with a wealth of knowledge and experience to answer questions from staff and provide specialised solutions that work. Bernie’s professionalism and competence makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Susan Lee Capital Chemist Canberra


We greatly value you giving your time and expertise to provide our staff with these very useful de-escalation workshops. These workshops help enormously in re-building staff their proactive awareness and helping staff to feel more confident in the workplace. We appreciate you creating a safe, structured, respectful, and interactive environment for our staff, who enjoyed these practical de-escalation sessions enormously. We have received consistent feedback from our staff that the simple tips provided during these sessions are useful and practical to enhance a safe environment. Bernie de-escalation education is all based around developing and maintaining, awareness, prevention, proactive management and a good and positive relationship with the people that staff work with and how to maintain that even when things become difficult.

We deeply appreciate your awareness about the sensitivity of the issue of workplace violence and your proactive attitude towards supporting our employees and organisation. 

The practical training was very informative and provides solutions about challenging behaviour. 

The practical aspects of the workshop/course are vital for improving solutions and building confidence of our staff.

The de-escalation training taught not only how to remain calm in certain circumstances but understanding why they may arise. 

The de-escalation training and OVA training course is cleverly designed to increase staff confidence, using techniques such as role play and practice sessions that slowly increase in intensity and provide worthwhile solutions. This is great as many staff gave positive feedback that the practical training was like a real representation of a situation that can occur and gets staff thinking fast about solutions.

Staff conveyed they definitely had more confidence and could implement what they have learnt should a situation arise with violence or aggression 

Bernie de-escalation training workshop and course has provided staff with so many proactive strategies. He is extremely interactive and staff felt they had the opportunity to practice the de-escalation techniques well and received positive feedback. The content and delivery was contextual, motivating, inspiring and fun.

Highly recommended de-escalation training for all organisations and staff.”

Peter Keen WHS & Wellbeing Specialist Goodyear


Bernie Haughey delivered a structured session that focused on enhancing the students’ confidence, safety, discipline, calmness and interpersonal relationships. This coupled with the differentiated presentation of a school-focused context, allowed for an environment that was fostering positive actions and underlining the core values and expectations of our College. He provided students with strategies to enrich positive attitudes and constructive self-disciplined behaviours with teachers, peers and achieving their goals.

The purpose of the session was clear and the execution was engaging, enjoyable and meaningful. Mr Haughey’s delivery reinforced dignity in all actions and the importance of students learning from their mistakes.

He made good emphasis on the importance of being courteous, respect for each other, their elders and self- control at school and home.

All teachers, parents and students appreciated the thoughtful manner in which Bernie delivered his messages throughout the Self Defence training and Life Skills training workshop.”

Mr Ben Niland-Rowe


 “The Self Defense classes for women had such a positive impact on increasing my confidence. It was a wonderful experience. Bernie helped me shift my mindset for me just by teaching me basic Self Defense techniques but he also helped me really understand that I’m not a victim, no matter what happens I can actually protect myself with whatever is happening and I can fight back. 

His teaching was easy to understand and apply. It was amazing! It increased my confidence completely and I’ll never forget that positive life changing experience.”

Samantha Healy


“The de-escalation training two hour workshop was cleverly designed to increase our confidence using very functional techniques such as practical real examples and role playing. This was effective as it felt like a real representation of possible situations that can occur and gets you solution oriented. I have learned a great deal including not only how to remain calm in certain circumstances but understanding why they may arise.  Despite having many years of working in customer service, this training gave me a new perspective and a different way to look and understand how to positively deal with difficult phone calls.

Bernie was engaging and got everyone involved. The training was up-beat and positive.

I definitely have more confidence and I do feel I could implement what I have learnt should a situation arise with angry customers over the phone.

Bernie made the training enjoyable interesting and thought provoking, increasing awareness in being proactive with day to day dealings with customers.

The workshop helped enormously in re-building our self-esteem and helping us to feel more confident and safe in everyday working lives. We appreciate your workshop delivery creating a safe, respectful, relaxed and interactive environment for myself and other staff and we enjoyed the de-escalation training enormously. The simple tips provided are very useful and practical to enhance de-escalation.

Bernie was great to deal with and responded well to questions with effective solutions. He tailored the training to suit our needs as phone operators. The training of staff provided us with essential de-escalation skills.”

Paul Townsend – Commonwealth Bank of Australia


The de-escalation training workshop and aggression, violence de- escalation techniques provided was well organised, presented and thorough. Bernie’s experience in workplace aggression and violence in many occupational fields brings a vast array of perspectives to staff being more preventative, proactive and solution strategy ready.

The training was specific to our needs and very well received by our staff. Bernie’s knowledge & support around understanding the nature of our work was exactly what we needed. 

This was an excellent intensive practical de-escalation training workshop. The information was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and follow. The facilitator Bernie Haughey, is extremely knowledgeable and delivered the training techniques very professionally. He is dedicated and makes every effort to answer all questions and reach our goals. His drive and enthusiasm are stimulating for staff, making the de-escalation training an enjoyable experience.

The real life de-escalation technique training workshop was understandable, value added and applicable to our industry. Before the training was conducted, Bernie touched based with myself, to make sure the training would be specific for our staff.

It was evident that the instructor Bernie was very knowledgeable and experienced not only of what not to do but also the ‘practical skills’ to assist staff with developing a proactive, preventative tactical mindset in de-escalating violence and aggression.

I have been in the industry a long time and I have seen many different training providers. AGKK de-escalation training is far more superior, well done in providing an exceptional staff training service.

Staff enjoyed and related to real job examples of solutions to aggression and violence management. The practical de-escalation training was relevant and interesting. The training workshop helped staff improve their confidence to more effectively manage difficult and aggressive people.

I highly recommend without reservation this practical AGKK de-escalation workshop training to any organisation seeking their staff to have effective techniques in reducing occupational violence and aggression in their industry.”

Scott Read Platinum Security


AGKK de-escalation training workshops provided content specific to our staff and our business, along with their innovative, informative ideas in workshop activities, made it very effective for our staff as they are frequently faced with possible violence and aggression.

We have thoroughly enjoyed AGKK de-escalation customised solution based workshops as they meet our needs for improving safety and wellbeing of our staff. They provided excellent responses to questions with experienced advice.

Bernie is very committed, extremely approachable and experienced in the area of aggression management. Whenever staff had a query he answers questions thoroughly.

The de-escalation training was very engaging and the highlight to the training staff have received throughout the year.

The de-escalation workshop session was effective and provided realistic insight and solutions with preventative strategies into what might go wrong with agitated or aggressive people.

Staff found the session related to effective communication in de-escalation very engaging and useful for confident strategies they can use immediately.”

Claire Gerathy Alpha Car Rentals


We recently had de-escalation practical, interactive training with AGKK at two of our locations. Our presenter was Bernie Haughey.

I was very impressed with Bernie’s commitment and desire to provide us with the most appropriate training for our workplace contexts.

I had several phone calls with Bernie prior to the training event, and he asked insightful questions about the nature of our work in order to determine the areas where we most needed training.

Many of our staff are required to visit clients in their homes and Bernie was able to modify the training for that context.

To further provide us with bespoke training Bernie arrived early so that he could meet our staff and talk about their experiences and where they had areas of concern.

The training itself was an ideal mix of theory and interactive practice. Everybody had a chance to practice the skills that Bernie expertly taught us. The principles were simple but highly effective.

Feedback from our staff was uniformly excellent. Best of all, our staff now feel a lot more confident about how to de-escalate a situation and thereby ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all concerned.

I whole-heartedly recommend the de-escalation interactive training with AGKK. As evidence of my recommendation, we have already booked Bernie in for refresher training at the start of 2024.”

Peter McAloney Arethusa Colleges


On behalf of the team at Coastal Sands, we would like to thank Bernie from AGKK and Workplace Violence/Conflict Management/Self Defence for coming out to our workplace and teaching us to become more aware and developing strategies/ techniques for Violence/Conflict Management especially in relation to aggressive behaviour management, as well looking at our work space and identifying things we can improve on to keep our staff safe.

Bernie is a great instructor and the staff really responded well to the 5 step process he goes through for each technique to ensure you have the right understanding to perform the movement. It was also great for team building. I would highly recommend Bernie to all businesses as a way to be proactive towards protecting your staff and giving them the insight to improve their safety in the workplace.”

Blair Wright Sales Manager Coastal Sands


Having practical, interactive, hands-on de-escalation training applications during the workshop seminar with demonstrated skill sets and practicing the skills presented in the training workshop was educationally fantastic. This has enabled our staff to utilize the de-escalation skills learned in the workshop and help enhance them as skills staff can all use in everyday workplace conflict situations. The de-escalation workshop training seminar achieved our desired goals in providing proactive workplace conflict skills and improving the safety and wellbeing of staff.

We are looking forward to a refresher de-escalation workshop next year.”

Steven Wilson WHS Learning and Development Officer Reece Plumbing


I have always been interested in doing a Women’s Self Defence class and I finally booked in for multiple Self Defence lessons. With my job I travel quite a lot and being a woman there was always a safety concern in not knowing any Self Defence. 

Previously I have been in situations like walking alone down my street or in the city can make me quite anxious. It was the best thing I ever did to increase my confidence by enrolling in AGKK Self Defence class for women.

I finally took the opportunity to take a beginners Self Defence course.

I am extremely glad that I did. Bernie is a great Self Defence instructor, and was able to explain the concepts behind the Self Defence training in a way that was easy to understand. The Self Defence classes increased my situational and environmental awareness. 

I have learnt practical and effective Self Defence skills. Through the Self Defence lessons I have gained more self-confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness.

The Self Defence classes have been excellent as I have learned new skills and Self Defence techniques to ensure the safety and wellbeing of myself and my family.

The Self Defence training has helped learn Self Defence skills to remain calm in difficult situations and how to diffuse, control and divert a potential Self Defence situation.

Training in the Women’s Self Defence classes for beginners has improved my fitness and taught me how to manage stressful situations and improve my mental focus and concentration. 

Bernie is a very experienced Self Defence instructor who has helped me and the other women gain a greater understanding of the body bio mechanics, enhancing our power and increased our self-motivation and self-discipline in women being able to protect ourselves.

Bernie created an environment that was comfortable and relaxed in the AGKK Self Defence classes for women which allowed me to effectively learn and practice the Self Defence concepts and movements he was teaching. All the movements are easy to learn and if when I had trouble with certain movements Bernie was able to quickly come up with ideas that might better tailor the movement to my own abilities. I am keen to continue practicing and learning new Self Defence techniques with Bernie.

Whatever you reason for wanting to take a Self Defence class in Brisbane Bernie is an outstanding, experienced Self Defence instructor.

He is an excellent Self Defence educator who is very perceptive, with clear communication skills, Bernie knows the Self Defence curriculum and can adjust the Self Defence lesson to your abilities and skill level. Bernie and AGKK Self Defence Brisbane has my highest recommendation for providing the best Self Defence classes throughout Brisbane.”

Alice Phillips


Bernie is an outstanding Self Defence instructor and definitely knows how to empower you! Thank you so much for taking time to explain and help me remember the Self Defence techniques. I feel much more confident as I was an absolute beginner to Self Defence. It helped me discover the required level of protection required in a violent encounter to be able to protect myself.

In each Self Defence class I enjoyed it so much and learnt heaps. I endorse these worthwhile Self Defence classes for women to all my friends. I totally recommend to all women to have a go in these Self Defence classes. I enjoyed every minute of the Self Defence classes and found them very worthwhile and inspiring.”

Kelly Warwick 


Bernie’s women’s Self Defence classes are highly educational, practical and enjoyable. It was so good to learn how use my body language to carry my body in a way that communicates personal authority and confidence which deters attackers.

I totally recommend trying out one of AGKK Self Defence classes if you want to feel more confident and better equipped with Self Defence skills to defend yourself in a range of potentially dangerous situations.”

Nicole Crittenden


I found the Practical De-escalation Workshop has helped improve my confidence when managing challenging student aggressive behaviour.

In the training, the proactive communication strategies are very important in de-escalating an aggressive and highly elevated student.

The training gave me the skills I can use immediately.”

Ben Hines High School Teacher