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Berney Haughey Sensei-Specialist in Self Defence


AGKK De-escalation Training and AGKK Self Defence Training specialise in business, corporate and personal De-escalation training and disengagement safety and protection Self Defence solutions for individuals and the corporate sector.

Bernie Haughey has over 30 years’ experience as a Specialist De-escalation educator and Self Defence instructor for workplaces and individuals.

He provides proactive and practical innovative tailor-made, de-escalation training and Self Defence training and delivers specialist De-escalation and Self Defence management solutions services to a range of industry sectors and many individuals throughout Brisbane, Queensland and Australia.

CONTACT BERNIE 7 days per week directly on 0409474494 or use the Inquiry booking form

As the founder and chief instructor Bernie takes the time to prepare quality custom made training and enjoys using his proven skills and experience to train front line workers within all industries in how to de-escalate aggression and safely disengage and protect themselves from occupational violence.

🎯 Working with a variety of industries across Australia he has been providing quality in person training sessions providing practical and immediate safety solutions to staff.

🎯 This solutions based training focuses on de-escalating techniques as well as highly practical sessions on dealing with aggressive phone calls, using body language, strategic communication to de-escalate aggressive customers, clients, patients and individuals in how and when to use safety Self Defence  disengagement solutions and many other practical techniques to keep staff safe.

He offers tailored training packages which are delivered in house and takes pride in meeting your specific de-escalation needs and desired safety outcomes in relation to occupational violence and aggression.

🎯 Highly experienced educator with a proven ability to train a variety of staff groups to maximise planned preventative management responses to occupational violence and aggression.

🎯 Highly perceptive and adaptable professional who is passionate about providing practical solutions to occupational violence and aggression to all workplaces.

🎯 Influential and effective communicator with an ability to convey essential de-escalation strategies, techniques, identifying and conveying effective solutions.

✅ Has years of experience in working with divergent audiences, businesses, organisations and providing proactive improved staff safety direction and de-escalation workplace methodologies.

✅ A leading educational training communicator Bernie is able to engage with individual, commercial, local, state, and federal stakeholders to obtain successful de-escalation results in relation to occupational violence and aggression.

✅ He is a strategic thinker who can identify, inspire and help organisations and staff implement proactive de-escalation techniques and enhance strategies to achieve more positive safety results.

He provides strategic and tactical training advice for enhancing improved safety and wellbeing of staff.

✅ He has extensive practical delivery de-escalation training experience in Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra, Victoria and South Australia in analysing workplace aggression or violence incident information and delivers optimal training for staff and individuals at risk of engaging in occupational violence and aggression.

The business has operated successfully conducting a number of De-escalation and Self Defence assignments and courses/ workshops in the health, education, tertiary and service industries and individual personal Self Defence training.

As a very experienced educator and trainer Bernie enjoys tailor making the de-escalation training or proactive management Self Defence solutions specific to your employees and organisation.

✅ He has a vast array of training delivery skills, experience and exposure to a wide range of industries, organisations and businesses

✅ He has over 30 years of de-escalation teaching and training experience throughout Australia

✅ Bernie has a wide range of solutions and management techniques including practical, proactive strategic solutions for occupational violence and aggression management

✅ As a facilitator he has a strong ability to communicate effectively and finds it easy to build rapport with a wide variety of people, internally and externally within an organisation

✅ Bernie has good interpersonal, written, and organisational skills

As the founder and Chief Instructor of AGKK de-escalation training, Bernie has the passion and the drive to make things happen, to ensure that the tailor-made training is delivered to a very high-quality standard to improve the safety, productivity and wellbeing of staff, clients and customers

✅ Bernie has the ability and experience to consult and collaborate with a broad range of people to achieve their targeted training outcomes

✅ He has a high level of methodical organisation skills and positive outcomes orientated, with the ability to manage desired timeframe and priorities

✅ Bernie always demonstrates flexibility and adaptability; to respond quickly and effectively to get the job done thus enhancing the safety and wellbeing of staff, clients and customers

He has conducted De-escalation training workshops, courses and Self Defence training all over Australia for nurses, doctors, state and federal police officers, schools, local government and a vast array of businesses and organisations and personal private Self Defence classes for individuals.

Some examples include-

The University of Queensland, Brisbane City Council, Leeton Shire Council, New South Wales, Unity Water, Queensland, Capital Chemists Canberra, Diona utility infrastructure and construction, Belvior Theatre Company Sydney, Holy Spirit Hospital, RCPCA, Brigidine College, Indooroopilly, Brightside Hospitality Brisbane, Kangaroo Bus Lines, Signature Aged Care, Family Responsibilities Commission, Cerdon College, Merrylands West, New South Wales and Coles Australia.

The AGKK de-escalation training facilitated by Bernie, was interactive and strategy-rich based which was very engaging, educational and practical for our staff. The two hour intensive workshop was very useful for our business as this type of customised de-escalation training was specific in developing those functional skills our staff needed now for their ongoing safety and wellbeing. “

Tracey McEvoy | HSEQ Advisor DIONA

De-escalation training and Safety Protection training for Staff and Employees

AGKK de-escalation training empowers staff with the practical tools and functional job specific de-escalation skills they need to improve their confidence, resilience, productivity, safety and wellbeing when they are faced with occupational violence or aggression. There is a positive correlation in the de-escalation training and helping to reduce anxiety of staff while they are performing their daily duties.”

Bernie Haughey 

Founder & Chief Instructor 


Bernie Haughey Chief instructor & Founder of AGKK De-escalation training

Violence Prevention & Aggression management Training.

Providing Proactive Safety Self Defence disengagement training solutions for increasing the safety and maintaining wellbeing of staff.

It is an unfortunate fact that those working in many workplaces are exposed to increasing higher incidents of aggression and violence in the workplace.

While employers have a statutory obligation to maintain a safe work environment for their staff, in some cases aggression in the workplace is not being dealt with effectively and safely.

AGKK de-escalation services helps organisations provide solutions for increasing the safety and maintaining wellbeing of staff.

Bernie is experienced in examining the facts staff are exposed to in relation to possible workplace violence or aggression and provides accurate and reliable solutions to improve safety and wellbeing.

Our Occupational violence and aggression (OVA) training programs are tailored to the requirements of different staff groups.

Staff who have contact with clients or the public should have knowledge and skills, relevant to their role, to prevent and safely manage violence and aggression.

🔴 The focus of my tailor-made de-escalation and occupational violence prevention training is to deliver the best practical solutions to my clients from the first dedicated consultation to completion of positive  outcomes to enhance safety, productivity, confidence and wellbeing of staff and individuals.

🔴 The practical custom made training will aid in safe functional practices and the development of a risk-conscious, preventative approach for participants when are faced with possible violence and or aggression.

🔴 I can offer and deliver customised De-escalation Occupational Violence Prevention and Proactive Safety Self Defence training solutions, specific to your staff and your desired outcomes.

CONTACT BERNIE 7 days per week directly on 0409474494 or use the Inquiry booking form

He is passionate about sharing his skills and experience to train all staff and especially front line workers within all industries and organisations on how to prevent, manage and safeguard themselves from occupational violence or aggression.

🎯 Accomplished professional educator with extensive experience and proven performance in occupational violence prevention and aggression management training of staff in a wide range of industries.

🎯Highly skilled in identifying needs of organisations and providing planned tailor-made de-escalation training that meets the desired outcomes for organisations and staff.

🎯Influential communicator and very experienced educator with an established ability to convey key proactive management components of de-escalation and the prevention of violence and aggression in the workplace enhancing safety and wellbeing for staff, clients and individuals.

🎯Innovative training educator with a demonstrated talent to provide proactive, practical, effective safety solutions for staff when they are faced with violence or aggression in the workplace.

🎯Strong workplace conflict crisis management solutions and business continuity experience.

🎯Highly adaptable professional who improves the confidence of staff in using de-escalating techniques.

🎯 Provides highly practical training sessions in dealing with aggressive situations, using tactical verbal communication and strategic body language to de-escalate aggressive individuals.

🎯Explains and demonstrates passive management techniques of the aggressive individual how and when to use personal protection safety Self Defence disengagement solutions and many other proactive practical strategies to keep staff safe.

🎯 We offer tailor-made solution based training packages which are usually delivered in house at locations throughout Australia.

Bernie can be contacted 7 days per week 0409474494 or Inquiry Booking Form

Self Defence training for individuals

“Throughout the years of teaching practical Self Defence to individuals and organisations my experience has shown that individuals who train with myself feel more confident, are less anxious, strong and capable. Functional practical Self Defence is not only about preventing violence, but it’s also about giving people the personal empowerment, self-esteem to stand up for themselves and prevent violence at work and in their personal lives against people who are violent or aggressive. No Experience is necessary, all fitness levels and all ages are welcome, weekdays or weekend.

AGKK Self Defence immediately gives practical tools and lasting results.

These enjoyable and unique programs are open to all people no matter your age, as we train sensibly and intelligently.

We teach you to know exactly when, where, and how to instantly defend and protect yourself to remain safe.

We provide the most valuable, self-empowering life skill tools you need to be safe. We teach you to use the physical protection skills and the effective harnessing of the geometry of your body and enhance your mental strength to be able to deal with physical and verbal assault by one or more attackers.”

Bernie Haughey 

Founder & Chief Instructor 


Directly on ☎ 0409474494 or use this inquiry booking form.

You are most welcome to contact Bernie to discuss your specific objectives and desired outcomes for de-escalation training for your business, organisation and staff.


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