Which is the Best Martial Art in Brisbane for Self Defence?

Looking for the best martial art in Brisbane for self defence? You will reach your full potential with experienced instructors at AGKK Self Defence Brisbane teaching effective, practical and easy to learn Self Defence techniques for women, men, children, teenagers and families in our program and lessons.

Your age and physical limitations do not have to prevent you from learning how to protect yourself. At AGKK Self Defence Brisbane we do not teach complicated techniques that are difficult to learn. Instead, we teach 5 key principles that build on each other. These are easy to remember and are very effective Self Defence techniques for all ages and all levels.

AGKK - Best Martial Art in Brisbane for Self Defence

Our Self Defence training and Goju Ryu martial arts classes will make you more confident and capable of defending yourself. You will develop skills to deter would-be aggressors and preventing an attack.

AGKK Self Defence training in Brisbane teaches you how to stay aware of your surroundings and focus on your safety. You will learn to recognize where potential attackers might assault you and how to survive. You will learn how to prepare for the unexpected and how to quickly immobilise an assailant if necessary. With practice, you can develop the reactions that are required to protect yourself in an emergency.

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Self Defence training also brings many physical benefits: You can improve your balance, coordination, stamina, strength, flexibility, awareness and mindfulness. The Self Defence training has an overall positive impact on your overall health.

When you enhance your confidence and self-assurance through the Self Defence training a potential attacker may decide you’re not the easy mark he or she was hoping for.
To avoid appearing vulnerable and not be a victim of violence, try following these Self Defence tips:

  • Be attentive and aware of your surroundings
    Developing the habit of scanning the area around you will help you spot potential threats and allow you to avoid them.
  • Stand straight and keep your chin up and your shoulders square
    A hunched posture and a lowered gaze will make you seem fearful and timid.
  • Walk smoothly, with a measured stride and fluidly to convey confidence
    If possible, keep the same pace as the pedestrians around you.
  • Make brief eye contact with the people around you to demonstrate that you are aware of them (but don’t stare or act aggressively)
    If a potential assailant knows you have seen him or her, the advantage of surprise disappears.
  • Don’t talk on your phone, listen to your ear pods or stare at a map while out walking
    Doing so signposts that you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around you. Plan your route before you leave your home, hotel, or other point of origin; if you need assistance, step into a store and ask a clerk to help you.
  • Don’t let a possible attacker distract you
    If a stranger asks you for the time, don’t stop and look down at your watch. Instead, keep walking and raise your watch up to your eye level in order to keep the person in your line of sight.
  • Stick to well-lit and populated areas at night
    It’s also a good idea to keep a mini flashlight and whistle on your key ring and keep the keys in your hand (with one key sticking out between your fingers) while you’re walking.
  • Do not draw attention to yourself
    Keep valuables out of sight and don’t wear expensive clothes or eye-catching jewellery. If you use a purse, carry it close to you and don’t let it dangle too far from your body. You might even want to conceal your purse under your jacket or coat.

Our experience, proven performance in teaching Self Defence in Brisbane makes our school one of the best for Self Defence classes and training.

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Why is AGKK Self Defence classes so popular in Brisbane?

Because it’s very effective, easy to learn and understand for beginners and experienced. The classes build confidence through a highly effective Self Defence system of controlling your opponent/attacker.


Our AGKK Self Defence proactive lifestyle is the best form of Self Defence; eating healthy, mixing with positive people and very experienced welcoming instructors.

Knowing how to protect yourself from a potential attacker is an essential life skill needed today and in your future.

Mastering the steps necessary to identify a dangerous situation with a protective mindset and ward off an attacker with proven Self Defence techniques is at the core of AGKK Self Defence Brisbane.

Mens Self Defence Training

Advanced bookings recommended
You are most welcome to contact Bernie Haughey directly for further information on Self Defence lessons or to make a booking: either use the online booking form, or Phone 0409 474 494