AGKK Corporate, Business Self Defence Programs [Training for Staff and Employees]

At AGKK corporate, business, Self Defence programs, training reduces workplace violence creating and supporting a safe workplace environment for your staff, employees, and team members through Self Defence training
Usual duration 2-hour session

Every workplace has a duty of care under WHS laws to eliminate risks to health and safety of workers and other persons so far as is reasonably practicable: this includes workplace violence and aggression in the form of sexual harassment, passive aggression and bullying.

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The purpose of Self Defence training for staff is to help employees prevent an attack.
Many businesses recognize the many potential benefits of providing Personal Safety/Self Defence training for their employees – prior to a harmful incident. This training can reduce the workplace risks enhancing awareness of staff with proactive educational Self Defence training include awareness training along with comprehensive training in specific and necessary preventative Self Defence skills.

AGKK Self Defence Brisbane offers corporate, business, Self Defence programs, training for staff and employees with flexible times, provision, location, and design to ensure they fit your business or companies needs and goals.

Self Defence Training for Staff and Employees

Self Defence training or Programs for staff can take an informational seminar format, through to hands-on preventative Self Defence education for employees and practical Self Defence skills that your staff or team can use proactively should the need ever arise.

We offer one-off Self Defence training sessions through to year-round programs. AGKK Self Defence training for staff has the programs and experienced instructors to deliver corporate and business programs that will meet and surpass your safety training for staff. Instructors are qualified professionals in Self Defence training.

We have over 30 years experience in Self Defence training.

We are friendly professional Self Defence trainers who will personalise programs and training to suit your business and staff needs to ensure an enjoyable and informative Self Defence training skill-based experience. This expert Self Defence training of staff helps protect your employees with the preventative, proactive Self Defence skills needed in the workplace.

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Proactive, progressive businesses and corporations do what is necessary to ensure that employees are psychologically, emotionally and physically healthy. These companies understand that by providing employees with benefits like violence prevention, Self Defence and wellness programs, training/education, and more, they are capitalizing in their own future as a company, business or organisation.

Violence Prevention Training

This important violence prevention skills course is an interactive team building exercises aimed at generating discussions on potential and real violence within the workplace:

  1. How to identify behaviours
  2. Why behaviours continue
  3. Strategies for eradication and change
  4. Violence prevention Management techniques

These behavioural change workshops apply the AGKK system to scenarios:

  • Recognise and identify behaviours (Witness)
  • Assess strategies (What’s Important Now)
  • Vocalise (Speak Up! Report)
  • Escalate (Encourage methodology consistency)
  • Prevent and Stop Workplace Violence

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Why include Self Defence Training into Corporate Wellness Programs for staff?

Companies recognise the short-term and long-term value in providing important life-saving skills for their employees. Other than the primary benefit of teaching employees how to avoid, deal with and/or physically defend themselves against a physical attack – there are very substantial reasons why a company offers such a Self Defence program.

Why do many businesses include personal protection training and Business Self Defence training for their staff and employees?

  • The main reason is to prevent workplace violence before it even happens. Workplace violence is growing at a disturbing rate.
  • Many businesses realise the costs that could impact their business after dealing with the aftermath of an act of violence in the workplace to their staff. A relatively small investment of time and money in quality Self Defence training today can prevent shattering losses in the future – losses that can literally slow down the business, it productivity and profit margin.

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  • Staff who are proficient of protecting themselves are more confident, which directly affects their level of performance and their leadership potential. Untrained staff tend to avoid situations where they are required to be open to new situations and people. Self Defence training helps to build confidence, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and a greater sense of leadership presence. Confident people tend to be more able to overcome obstacles and get the job done.
  • Staff who feel safer are less prone to the debilitating effects of stress, which is the number one factor in many illnesses and a leading cause of on-the-job accidents. The increased confidence, coupled with an increased sense of calm, can mean long-term cost savings for an employer. Less stress means less stress-related illnesses, less lost time due to illness, fewer accidents, and higher productivity. Without the burden of stress-related paralysis, employees are more energetic, quick-thinking, and relaxed – making them more productive members of your organization.
  • Corporate Self Defence training of staff has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale and enhance teamwork. Feelings of weakness, social anxiety, and concern for one’s safety, by any one individual, can cause stress on an entire employee group. Many employees live in fear of making the wrong decision in an emergency situation.

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  • Emotional and anxiety barriers to personal achievement can prevent a team from functioning productively. A properly structured Business Self Defence training program of staff allows team members to come together in a supportive environment to learn important skills. With the help of co-workers, individuals with weaker skill sets learn to overcome obstacles and fears that may be holding them back, and safely make good workplace choices when faced by violent behaviour from clients or the public.

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  • Business Self Defence training of staff improves creative problem-solving skills. Self Defence training of staff can help employees learn to creatively overcome obstacles to success. This type of training can develop and/or improve problem-solving abilities, creativity, and “outside the box” thinking. Employees learn to think “strategically”, providing their business with the ability to identify symptoms and root causes of problems and determine both corrective and preventive actions, leading to less wasted time, money, and other resources in having to repeatedly not be proactive when an issue keeps reoccurring.
  • Employees through the Self Defence training may experience a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind. Content employees provide many benefits for their business and workplace. Individuals who have a confident, positive outlook on life are less likely to be threatened by change, become defensive with others, or lash out at others verbally, physically, or emotionally when things don’t go smoothly. The AGKK Self Defence training is known to be a source of personal empowerment and confidence, providing a person with the ability to be in control of him or herself. It is this type of person that tends to attract and affect others in a positive way, making them a valuable asset to any company, business or organisation.

Throughout hands-on exercises team members and management examine as to why workplace violence exists and how to improve methods with knowledge, education and simple strategies for staff in the workplace.

The main objective of this session is to prevent and reduce any form of violence towards their staff within the workplace and if it occurs effective management strategies.

Every workplace is obligated to provide a safe space for their staff. This Self Defence training course for staff takes it one step further by creating and supporting a workplace culture for all team members to feel heard, safe and supported and enhance their workplace experience and potential.

You are welcome to inquire about Self Defence lessons
By contacting Bernie Haughey on 0409 474 494
or using the inquiry online booking form

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